Traveling clan…..

Back home after a week in Orlando with my little family, and a spectacular week in Maui….just my man and I!!! We had a great time. We only went to the Magic Kingdom this time so one out of seven days in a crowded park was kinda nice. E loved seeing all her favorite characters. … Continue reading

Busy busy…

So my goal of posting every one to two days hasn’t been met! So sue me!! There’s been a lot going on around here. No, not soap operas and Bon Bons. Car malfunctions (2), birthdays (again, 2), sick people in my house (yes, 2, now 3 if you count me)!!! But I have spent some … Continue reading

The quest is over…

I’ve probably looked at thousands of quilts over the last few months trying to find one that I love enough to try it myself. You see, I’m not a patient woman. I like to see progress. I like to know that what I choose to create: A: has a purpose; B: is pleasing to my … Continue reading

Water bottle cozy…..

Here goes…. My first attempt at a tutorial. I’ve chosen something very simple to make in hopes that I can make it understandable and not make an idiot out of myself!! If you have any questions please drop me a line. This is what we are aiming for!! Its really very simple. You will need: … Continue reading

All about the hat…

Here’s the birthday hat. My version of a $35 party hat. It’s not exactly what I envisioned as I had to finish it up quickly the morning of her party but she LOVED it!!! She wore it proudly and in her own way!! She OWNED it!! That’s my girl!!

Birthday birthday birthday ….

My sweet little girl turns 3 this weekend!!! K and I will celebrate with her on her actual birthday but she will be having a blowout of a party next weekend! I’ve been planning on making some things for her party such as bunting, some adorable butterfly streamers and a really cool party hat. The … Continue reading

why am i here?

A few months ago i had only “heard” of blogs or blogging.  I didn’t understand that a blog was actually something one could follow or gain knowledge from.  I found blogs originally on accident by searching for free knitting patterns.  I came across a blog called Little Cotton Rabbits.  A really, really, well done site … Continue reading