long time……no see……

I know…I know…last post from me was all about how tech savy I had become. Well all hell broke loose around here. It started with a easy little check up with my doctor and BAM…the whole family is in Florida!!! Here’s the quick 411….. My regular dr suggested I go see my OB about a few things. My OB wasted no time in telling me I had to have a FULL hysterectomy. Which I did. My regular dr also sent me to a surgeon about some lumps behind my ear. He also said I needed surgery…which he did….exactly one month after my hysterectomy. After all the hubbub my hubby decided it was time for a vacation!!!! ……which we took….in Florida. The first week we stayed in Cocoa Beach and while the poor guy worked his butt off E and I spent our days by the pool, at the beach or taking walks. It was great!!! Then when K was done for the week we headed east to Sandestin. We stay in the same place every year and it is always wonderful. We spent a LOT of time by the pool and ZERO time at the beach. Crazy I know but E developed some sort of aversion to the beach…she only wanted to go to the pool…so the pool it was. It was great spending time together ….we don’t get enough of that.

We stopped in Baton Rouge (K’s old stomping grounds) and saw some family. E developed an ear infection and after a quick stop at the urgent care place we got her squared away with some antibiotics. That same evening K and I started feeling under the weather with some sore throat/congestion/achy body/conjunctivitis/feeling like total s@!& stuff… It sucked. So after watching a Tigers game…we came home a day early. The next morning we went to an urgent care place and were told it was a virus and the only thing to do was to take “comfort measures.” Ironic…. Since all her suggestions gave us nothing even CLOSE to comfort!!! So now today, after missing 4days of work, K decided we were going to our regular doctor and not leaving til they gave us a solution.
Now back at home with a dose of antibiotics in each of us I think we both feel better knowing the end of this crud is near.
That’s it. The last ten weeks in a nutshell. I’m looking forward to settling down and doing a little sewing and possibly getting back on the torch. E is participating in the summer fine arts program at her school and starting next week she’ll be attending FOUR….yes FOUR days per week for three hours per day!!! She is going to love it. Then on the 19th of June her and I are heading to Iowa to visit my mom and siblings.
I’ve opened my Etsy shop back up and am hoping to get some more products listed soon. I guess I better get some stuff made soon huh?!?



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