Done, done, and DONE!…….

It’s done! Finally! My Etsy site is up and running! I’ve been working on this over three weeks…..a little here….a little there…..every time I sat down at the computer (because it was MUCH easier than trying to do it on my iPad) Shorty would say “hey mama, how ’bout some music?”. Needless to say….I struggled. But now….tah dahhhhhh……. Handmade Booglett!
I’ve only got a few sewn pieces and 1 bead set listed so far but I think I’ve got the bugs worked out. I’ve got tons of beads, focals and finished jewelry pieces I still need to get up, but I’m thinking I need to shoot new pictures (which is NOT FUN). Glass is sooooo friggin hard to shoot…..the color, the size, the reflections……it’s a nightmare. To be honest, it’s the main reason that I drug my feet!


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