New Year…….New stuffs…..

Happy New Year! I know, it’s late, but I’ve had s&@t to do. One of which was to play with all the goodies I bought while visiting my mama. Yes, the box FINALLY got here (on Christmas Eve). So thank you USPS for getting it here safely and not mistakingly leaving it with some deranged, dishonest quilter somewhere! It looked like it had been to China and back but all was intact!
I’ve done a LOT of web surfing over the last few weeks. Found some terrific tutorials and TONS of inspiration. I’m on a wallet/pouch/roll-up coinnpurse kick. I can’t seem to get too many. It’s become a sickness! I study a tutorial, work it out on paper and then make adjustments where I think it’s needed. Don’t get me wrong…..there’s nothing wrong with the original, I just can’t look at something without automatically thinking “hmmmmmm, I could do it like……” (and yes, I DO think “hmmmm”). Anyway, here are a few quick shots of some of my latest pursuits…. Forgive the photography, I suck at it!

An adorable Dresden purse which can be found at DuringQuietTime. (an awesome site). I didn’t make any changes to the pattern. But I am working on making it larger. I need room for all E’s stuffs! I cut up an old tweed skirt for the body and used some pieces from the Hometown collection charm pack.

This little cutie is a jewelry roll that I can’t get enough of. I keep adding zippers and pockets…. I have no idea where it’s going but here is where it’s at right now…..

I love it!!
And now the wallets……drumroll please……



There’s more but if I showed them I’m afraid I’d be committed! What can I say….I like making things that are useful. And no, I DON’T know how many wallets one person could have!

….and a little make-up bag trio with coordinating fabrics. These were so simple and they came out great!
And lastly….my girl went back to school on Friday (not school, mom’s day out). I was a little worried since she had been off so long but she was a champ!!! Here was my kissing hand for the day….

I adore my kissing hand. We exchange little drawings on our hands every time I drop her off at school. We havent missed a day yet. And every day I take a picture of mine! LOVE 🙂


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