Lost somewhere in Texas….

Christmas is almost here and we have been busy baking, cleaning, sewing and making little Craftsy thingies!! E is really getting into the season now that she’s a big 3 year old!!! She was so excited to decorate the tree and hang the stockings on the mantle. I gave her a little 2 foot tree to decorate all by herself. She thought that was “really COOL mama”. It was such a joy to watch her carefully place each tiny ornament on just the right branch. It took her almost an hour! And the finished product…….

Notice how she has several ornament on one branch!!! Hilarious!!

We’ve also had a lot of fun making little paper chains and garlands. Little things like these are so easy to do and she LOVES making stuff!!! Just a few minutes is all it takes to do something that we will remember many many years to come.
I found these great letter printables on MarthaStewart.com
Notice the patchwork stocking behind the banner??? Yes, I made it. I made all 3 of us new stockings this year. I tried to capture each of our personalities a little bit by using color, texture or, in my case, patchwork! I WAS going to tie them all together by including fancy embroidered names on the cuff that I made while I was up north visiting my mom BUT……. Remember how I mentioned that there was an abundance of quilt shops up there? Well as I said I visited a few of them and, let’s just say, I indulged!!! Since both our bags were already over the weight limit GETTING there, I, being the genius that I am, decided it would be much, much less expensive to send home all my new goodies via the USPS. So, I’m an idiot!!! I sent to my address, on my street, in my town, in my state but with the WRONG zip code! Yes. The wrong zip code. Yes, I know my own code, but failed to put it on the box. Well, that was 2 days after Thanksgiving. I’ve called the little post office in my home town, the post office of the city I SENT it to, and even though everyone was very nice and helpful, no one had my precious package. I started having visions of my package being accidentally delivered to a dishonest quilter who would wring her hands and cackle about her new found fortune and look at my carefully embroidered names for our stockings and toss them in the fireplace just before rolling around in all the fabric I so carefully chose. (I know, I know….there’s no such thing a dishonest quilter, but stick with me). So for the last 2 weeks I’ve been faithfully checking the mail in hopes that it would find it’s way home to me. No luck. Til yesterday. Mom called and said the package had been sent back to her!!! She has it!!! I was soooo relieved and absolutely cannot WAIT to get my hands on it!! So badly, in fact, I came close to encouraging my 82 year old mother to suck up the below zero temperatures, freezing rain, and bone chilling wind and walk her happy self up to the post office and send it ASAP!!! But I didn’t. It is Christmas you know.


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