To my roots……

After a short run to Louisiana to see K’s family, E and I flew up north to my hometown in Iowa. We came in early enough to spend Thanksgiving with my gigantic family!!! Did I mention I’m the youngest if 12 children? Yes. Twelve. An even dozen. The Brady Bunch…..twice!!! My mom should be sainted!!! It’s been a great week. E has spent some time with her aunts and uncles and a few cousins. With us staying at my mom’s house she has been able to really get to know her. The family dynamics are very interesting in a clan this big. There is a 39 year difference between the oldest and youngest grandchild!!! How weird is that?

We’ve been doing some shopping, mostly for fabric and stuff since Friday. There are a ton of really great quilt shops in this area. I’m amazed at the inventory these little places can carry. And the way they have everything organized is awesome. The Quilted Forest, here in town, has an amazing selection and they are such a bunch of great people. They even have a box of little toys to keep Shorty busy so I can actually shop. I wish everyone did that!!! There’s another little shop in Garner called Country Threads which has TONS of kits which is such a great way to go. I’ve never seen full blown kits put together like that. And they also have a completed example right there with the kits so you know exactly what you’re getting. They had a whole section of needle punch tools and patterns, and yes…kits. Needle punching is something I wasn’t familiar with but the sweet lady gave me a great demonstration. So of course, I had to get it! It goes so fast and is so easy. It’s MINDLESS and I LOVE that!!! I bought a kit and made this little Santa in no time at all.

Sorry for the crappy picture but I shot it with my iPad and the camera sucks!!! That’s a whole other story for another time.

So because of these fabulous stores I am having to ship home all the goodies I’ve bought. I was already over the weight limit on the flight to get here and am trying to save the extra $50 bucks on the way home!!!


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