Birthday birthday birthday ….

My sweet little girl turns 3 this weekend!!! K and I will celebrate with her on her actual birthday but she will be having a blowout of a party next weekend!
I’ve been planning on making some things for her party such as bunting, some adorable butterfly streamers and a really cool party hat. The streamers I was able to knock out a few weeks ago but hadn’t tackled the rest til today! Buntings are a pain in the &!@?”. I lucked out and found a “kit” on clearance at JoAnn’s but I, personally, consider a kit to include pieces that have already been cut! Don’t get me wrong, it was nice not having to measure all that out, but really…… Would it have killed them to cut those out for me?? Not to mention I still had to measure and cut all the interfacing too! It came out fairly cute but I’m wishing I’d used fabric from my scraps or stash. I was planning on hanging it in her play room as a valance after the party but I just don’t think it’s quite cute enough so I’ll probably make a new one anyway!!

With that out of the way I jumped on the party hat. We had seen some really fancy hats in the window of a store a few weeks ago and she went nuts over them. They were covered in glitter and feathers! Needless to say …… They suited her to a tee! Being the tight ass that I am there was no way I was going to spend $30 on a party hat. No way! I’m talking about a cone shaped piece of chipboard here people!! Surely it can’t be THAT difficult!

Well here I am, three hours later, waiting for the flipping glitter to dry!!! Holy crap….. What a PITA! After spending a hour cutting and re-cutting to get the right shape to “fold” into a perfect cone and still taking into consideration the overlap needed to make sure it’s sturdy, I FINALLY GOT IT! I promise to someday do a tutorial on this process but it will have to be after I’ve forgotten how painful it’s been (just like childbirth! ). Needless to say, I think it’s going to be really cute and glittery (is that a word?) enough for our ever so picky princess tomboy. Let’s hope so.
Right now it’s still in the flat stage. I’m not risking a horrible glitter malfunction that could possibly deface my precious work to photograph it in 3D. You’ll have to wait!!



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