why am i here?

A few months ago i had only “heard” of blogs or blogging.  I didn’t understand that a blog was actually something one could follow or gain knowledge from.  I found blogs originally on accident by searching for free knitting patterns.  I came across a blog called Little Cotton Rabbits.  A really, really, well done site about so much more than knitting.  This woman is an amazing knitter (is that a word?) and an even more extraordinary person.  The site pulled me in for the gorgeous knitting but I stayed because I found this woman facinating. A mother to an autistic son and a sweet teenage girl, she seems to manage to get through the day with grace.  It is still my favorite blog, even after now looking at literally thousands, yes thousands, of others since.

I asked around a little (and I do mean little) after delving into the blog world to see if anyone else found the information as useful or compelling as I did.  The answers I got were “I’m not a follower,” and “I’ve never looked.”  (I told you “a little.”)  So for months now (really only 3 or 4) I’ve been searching the internet far and wide for little pockets of information on knitting or sewing (and occasionally lampworking) and I’m always astonished at the fact that these women (I’m sure men blog too, I just haven’t come across one yet) let perfect strangers into their worlds of knitting, sewing, crafting, and share tidbits of their lives.  They show pictures of their children, old family recipes and things that are truly, truly precious, not to mention the awesome tutorials and cool ideas.

So, over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking a LOT about journaling/documenting some of the “craftiness” I have in my head.  I have a REAL affliction!!!  I’m telling you…..seriously……its BAD!!!  So that’s how I got here!  This is my way to put on paper (figuratively speaking) the things in my head.  I’m expecting most of it to be about sewing or lampworking, or jewelry making, etc.  But every once in a while I can imagine posting something about my wonderful family (who knows….maybe it’ll be A LOT).  You can probably count on several misspelled words and incorrectly used grammar, so I apologize in advance for butchering the English language!  But maybe someone will find something I post to be interesting enough to try to make it themselves or leave them feeling compelled to read on.


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