long time……no see……

I know…I know…last post from me was all about how tech savy I had become. Well all hell broke loose around here. It started with a easy little check up with my doctor and BAM…the whole family is in Florida!!! Here’s the quick 411….. My regular dr suggested I go see my OB about a … Continue reading

i’m a pinner…..

Are you checking out my sideboard over there>>>>>>>? Yes, I am now a technical genius!  Me, the most computer challenged person on this planet, was able to not only add a cute little “square” for my Etsy site, but ALSO, added the Pinterest thingy!  So not ONLY am I an official geek, I’m a pinner … Continue reading


I’ve been working my butt off (figuratively speaking) trying to get my Etsy shop loaded with goodness!  Don’t get me wrong… I have PLENTY to list, it’s just a matter of getting it done.  I have a TON of glass beads ready to go but I think new photos are in order!!!  Have you ever … Continue reading

Done, done, and DONE!…….

It’s done! Finally! My Etsy site is up and running! I’ve been working on this over three weeks…..a little here….a little there…..every time I sat down at the computer (because it was MUCH easier than trying to do it on my iPad) Shorty would say “hey mama, how ’bout some music?”. Needless to say….I struggled. … Continue reading

resolution? or obsession?……

Bags, pouches and wallets…… I’ve stayed busy since the first of the year sewing, sewing and sewing.  I love to make USEFUL things…..usually because I end up using them myself.  Below are a few pics (bare with me, I SUCK at photography) of some of my faves!  It’s slow going but I’m trying to re-vamp … Continue reading

New Year…….New stuffs…..

Happy New Year! I know, it’s late, but I’ve had s&@t to do. One of which was to play with all the goodies I bought while visiting my mama. Yes, the box FINALLY got here (on Christmas Eve). So thank you USPS for getting it here safely and not mistakingly leaving it with some deranged, … Continue reading

Lost somewhere in Texas….

Christmas is almost here and we have been busy baking, cleaning, sewing and making little Craftsy thingies!! E is really getting into the season now that she’s a big 3 year old!!! She was so excited to decorate the tree and hang the stockings on the mantle. I gave her a little 2 foot tree … Continue reading

To my roots……

After a short run to Louisiana to see K’s family, E and I flew up north to my hometown in Iowa. We came in early enough to spend Thanksgiving with my gigantic family!!! Did I mention I’m the youngest if 12 children? Yes. Twelve. An even dozen. The Brady Bunch…..twice!!! My mom should be sainted!!! … Continue reading

Mr. and Mrs……

We did it!!! We tied the wedding knot. In front of our beautiful daughter and our small village of family and friends we exchanged our vows and became Mr. and Mrs B. Now we start the next chapter of our life as a family!!! It’s all very exciting!!! I couldn’t be happier!!! The last few … Continue reading